EWDA Conference Attendance Fund

EWDA Conference Attendance Fund

The EWDA Conference Attendance Fund was initiated and made possible thanks to a generous donation by Dr. Vic Simpson in 2017, who also defined the grant purpose and guidelines.



The purpose of this fund is to encourage people of limited financial means to attend EWDA conferences. The fund is not intended for students (neither undergraduate nor postgraduate) as separate funding schemes are available for them.



  • Eligibility: priority will be given to people who:
–   are largely, or solely, self-financed.
–   wish to give a presentation, oral or poster.
–   have been an EWDA member for a minimum of 12 months prior to submitting their application
  • An attendance grant is intended to cover the conference registration fee and reasonable travel expenses. It is not intended to cover all the applicant’s conference expenses, such as accommodation or meals.
  • Applications for attendance grants by wildlife ecologists or researchers in other allied natural sciences is encouraged, provided their work has clear veterinary relevance.



Applicants should send a letter of intent with CV to the EWDA secretary (k.lemberger@vetdiagnostics.fr). The letter of intent should include :
– who you are, where you work and why you wish to receive financial support
– for how long you have been an EWDA Member
– a brief budget for the trip, and which contribution is requested
– the title of the abstract you have submitted, if any



  • February 28th: Deadline for applications.
  • March 31st: Small Grants Committee completes application evaluation submitting their comments to the Committee chair.
  • April 15th: Committee recommendations, and comments or briefing are forwarded by Committee Chair to the EWDA Secretary for information of the EWDA Board by email.
  • Spring EWDA board teleconference (second half of April) : Committee recommendations are ratified by the EWDA Board and successful and unsuccessful applicants are notified by the Chair of the Small Grants Committee.
  • May 5th: Funds disbursed.
  • May 15th: Early registration closes.