Become a member

Become a member

Who can become a member of the European Wildlife Disease Association?

Anyone interested in the study of the diseases of wildlife in Europe


How do you become a member of the European Wildlife Disease Association?

To join  the EWDA, it is necessary to first become a WDA member. Any WDA member with an address in Europe then automatically becomes a member of the EWDA. You can also elect to become an EWDA member without living in Europe by selecting the EWDA section when renewing/signing up for the WDA membership.


Why become a member?

If you are involved or want to get involved in research and/or surveillance of wildlife diseases, becoming a member of the WDA will give you access to plenty of actual information on your topic and facilitate contacts with other professionals.
Among other advantages, you will have:
  • free online access to the Journal of Wildlife Diseases and, for a fee, delivery of a paper copy of the Journal;
  • regular updates on dates and programmes, and access to abstracts of EWDA meetings;
  • facilitated access to contact information of wildlife health professionals worldwide;
  • reduced registration fees at EWDA and WDA meetings;
  • access to EWDA and WDA small grants and EWDA conference attendance fund
  • receiving the EWDA Newsletter by email twice a year, with the opportunity to contribute with Newsletter articles
  • access to the EWDA Network (upon request)
  • additional for students: access to student scholarship and awards; automatic membership in the EWDA Student Chapter

For further enquiries, send an email to